ProjectGood news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment About

Good news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment

Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling-up research and capacity

Policy brief
Transition to labour market by university students
Key findings from an extensive survey

This brief summarizes the findings and implicati ons of a survey of the school-to-work transition by Mozambican university students

Sam Jones, Ricardo Santos and Gimelgo Xirinda
  • Event

    On 16 July 2020, two researchers of the Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme, Ivan Manhique and Ricardo Santos, will present their current research.

    16 July 2020
  • Event

    On 18 June 2020, researchers of the Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme, Eva-Maria Egger, Finn Tarp, and Vincenzo Salvucci, will present their current research.

    18 June 2020
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    Inclusive growth in a time of multiple crisis

    Moving onto a digital platform, the IGM Seminar Series wants to take stock of these developments and continue to deliver on our mission.

    June - December 2020
  • Working paper
    Gender inequality in salary expectations of university students

    Students’ expectations about their future wages are established in the literature as relevant determinants of the choices made for education progression.

    Carlos Gradín, Félix Mambo, Yonesse Paris and Ricardo Santos
  • Working paper
    High poverty and low trust

    The primary policy response to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in high-income countries has been to lock down large sections of the population.

    Eva-Maria Egger, Sam Jones, Patricia Justino, Ivan Manhique and Ricardo Santos
  • Working paper
    The role of liquefied natural gas and implications for East African producers

    This study provides an overview of the use of natural gas and liquefied natural gas in Asia, both historic, current, and with an outlook for the future.

    Etienne Romsom and Kathryn McPhail
  • Working paper

    Mozambique experienced important reduction in the poverty rate until recently, before two major natural disasters hit and the country started suffering from a hidden debts.

    Eva-Maria Egger, Vincenzo Salvucci and Finn Tarp
  • News

    Survey of final-year students in vocational education in Mozambique suggests that despite recent reforms, students continue to face challenges.

    08 May 2020, Maputo
  • Report

    The research is a collaboration with the Labour Market Observatory of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Mozambique.

    April 2020
  • Opinion

    Technical and vocational education and training is often put forward as the solution to youth unemployment — but to prove its worth, better evidence is needed.

    Anna Schnupp
  • News
    Conference: Evidence to enhance inclusive growth

    The annual conference of the Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling up research and capacity programme will be held on 5-6 November 2020 in Maputo, Mozambique.

    Closing date: 15 May 2020
  • Opinion

    We calculated a lockdown readiness index for Mozambique and the results don’t look good. 

    Sam Jones, Eva-Maria Egger and Ricardo Santos