ProjectGood news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment About

Good news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment

Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling-up research and capacity

Center for Economic and Management Studies at the University Eduardo Mondlane

The Center of Economic and Management Studies (CEEG) was founded in 2010 by professors and researchers from different disciplinary areas of the Department of Economy, namely Economy, Management and Accounting. The Mission of the CEEG is to promote research and investigation in the field of Economic and Business Sciences with special focus on development studies through the use of interdisciplinary knowledge, with the purpose of solving problems of economic and social nature in order to generate integrated and sustainable development in the country.

CEEG is engaged in micro and macroeconomic research applied to the economy of Mozambique with primary focus on the following problems: rural development, poverty analysis, business economics, labour market and macroeconomic policy. In order to reinforce the research capacity output on the specialization areas of its researchers, there is an ongoing Programme of Cooperation Agreements with other Regional (and International) Research Centers and Funding Agencies. At the same time, CEEG develops partnerships with public and private institutions at national and international level. In connection with other higher education institutions partners, it hosts  national and international research students and interns. In order to promote the dissemination of knowledged produced internally, CEEG has the short term project of producing a scientific magazine to disseminate several of its thematic issues and scientific articles. In addition to the Thematic Investigation Groups, CEEG executes the following activities:

  • Production/creation and communication of socioeconomic indicators
  • Research activities and extension within the frame of Economic and Business Sciencies.
  • Survey implementation
  • Supporting the activities of the Faculty of Economics, on its degree courses and post-graduate studies in Economy, Management and Accounting.   
  • Provide assistance to the demands of the society, originated from the public and private sectors, on applied economic research, consultancy and information on socioeconomic nature.

The Center of Economic and Management Studies is an organ of the Department of Economics – FE of Eduardo Mondlane University, that currently incorporates 2 research members and students of the Bachelor and Master’s programme of the same faculty. With the recent opening of the doctoral programme, it is intended to integrate students of this educational level to the CEEG in order to foster a better research environment in the Faculty of Economics.