Ministry of Labour and Social Security launches IGM report on school-to-work transition of TVET students in Mozambique

On 24 June 2021, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Mozambique (MITSS) launched the final report of the survey on the School-to-Work Transition of Technical and Vocational Training Graduates in Mozambique.

The report analyses the dynamics of the transition into the world of work of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates in Mozambique. Based on a longitudinal study following more than 1,600 Mozambican final-year TVET students for a period of over a year in 2019–20, it is first of its kind in Mozambique.

The survey results show that TVET graduates in Mozambique face significant challenges in entering the labour market. Within 12 months, only 9% of the respondents had found a permanent job. Of all work found, 80% were precarious.

The report was produced under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme in collaboration with the National Directorate of the Labour Market Observatory (DNOMT) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MITSS) and with the support of the Secretary of State for Youth and Employment (SEJE) and the National Vocational Education Authority (ANEP). It complements another recent report on the school-to-work transition of university students (2019).

According to Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Security, Rolinho Manuel Farnela, the report provides a clear overview of the reality of the employability of TVET graduates in Mozambique and supports related decision-making. During the launch event he remarked, 'The study draws our attention to the challenges of the sector of labour administration, especially regarding the monitoring of the dynamics of the labour market and the measures that need to be taken to improve labour market insertion, in particular that of recently graduated youth'.

The event was widely covered by local media and was featured in the evening news of various television channels, including TVM, STV and Miramar. News pieces were published by O País and Notícias AI.

Access the final report here and the related Research Brief here.

For more information about the launch event, see here.


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