Economic development and institutions – Mozambique at a fork in the road: an institutional diagnostic

Draft report

This draft report is an outcome of the Mozambique Institutional Diagnostic (MID) study, a unique collaboration between various international research institutions and local high-level analysts launched on 12 June 2019 with the objective of exploring the relationship between the characteristics and functioning of Mozambican institutions and its economic performance.

The key goal of the study is to produce an 'institutional diagnostic' that allows policymakers to identify institutional weaknesses that constrain economic development and indicates possible directions for reforms and change.

The MID study is part of an international research initiative called Economic Development & Institutions (EDI) funded by the UK Government through UK Aid and managed by Oxford Policy Management (OPM). The nine thematic studies included in the draft report are also published as WIDER Working Papers.

The below index includes links to the chapters of the draft report.


Chapter 1. Introduction and overview, by Ines A. Ferreira and Finn Tarp (EN | PT)
Chapter 2. Historical, political, and economic background, by António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, Sam Jones, and Finn Tarp (EN | PT)
Chapter 3. Institutional performance: international datasets, quantitative survey, and key informants, by António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, and Finn Tarp (EN | PT)


Chapter 4. Influence of institutional factors on the performance of the agricultural sector in Mozambique, by João Z. Carrilho and Rui N. Ribeiro (EN | PT)
Chapter 5. Putting the financial system to work for the poor and SMEs, by Abdul Magid Osman and Djamila Pontes Osman (EN | PT)
Chapter 6. The education sector in Mozambique: From access to the epistemic quality in primary education, by Mouzinho Mário, Celso M. Monjane, and Ricardo Santos (EN | PT)
Chapter 7. Health, development, and institutional factors: The Mozambique case, by Ivo Garrido (EN | PT)
Chapter 8. Decentralization reforms in Mozambique: The role of institutions in the definition of results, by Salvador Forquilha (EN | PT)
Chapter 9. Economic development and institutions in Mozambique: Factors affecting public financial management, by António S. Cruz and Fausto J. Mafambissa (EN | PT)
Chapter 10. Rule of law and judicial independence, by João Carlos Trindade (EN | PT)
Chapter 11. Donor relations and sovereignty, by Johnny Flentø and Leonardo Santos Simao (EN | PT
Chapter 12. Natural resources, institutions, and economic transformation in Mozambique, by José Jaime Macuane and Carlos Muianga (EN | PT)


Chapter 13. Synthesis and policy recommendations, by António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, and Finn Tarp (EN | PT)


The draft report will be discussed in a Public Forum held on Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 9:00-13:00 (UTC+2).