Mozambique at a Fork in the Road: The Institutional Diagnostic Project

Few countries have experienced as many political and economic changes as Mozambique. A vast and diverse country, it faced a particularly difficult start after a long period of colonial dominance followed by a deadly war that formally ended only in 1992. However, despite impressive growth after multi-party elections, Mozambique's pattern of growth is fragmented, not sustainable and non-inclusive.

Investigating the deep factors that undermine economic development, Mozambique at a Fork in the Road offers an insightful analysis of the historical and political context of Mozambique and its institutional constraints to economic development.

The book is based on the Mozambique Institutional Diagnostic study, carried out between 2019–2020 within the scope of the Economic Development & Institutions (EDI) programme in partnership with the IGM programme. The study was launched on 12 June 2019 and resulted in the presentation of a draft report on 4 November 2020 in Maputo. The project now culminates with the publication of a book published by Cambridge University Press.

It examines sectors that are critical for sustainable growth, such as agriculture, that receive low priority, and the frequent shocks in strategic policy that result in the absence of a clear national development vision. Building on a core set of thematic chapters, this compelling diagnostic tool provides a thorough and structured approach to understanding institutional dimensions of development. 

The below index includes links to the chapters of the book and related Working Papers:

  1. Introduction and Overview
    Ines A. Ferreira, Finn Tarp

  2. Economic Development in Perspective
    António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, Sam JonesFinn Tarp

  3. Institutional Performance: Perceptions of Institutional Constraints
    António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, Finn Tarp

  4. The Relative Neglect of Agriculture in Mozambique
    João Z. Carrilho, Ines A. Ferreira, Rui N. Ribeiro, Finn Tarp
    Working Paper
    The relative neglect of agriculture in Mozambique

  5. Schooling without Learning: Institutional Causes
    Mouzinho Mário, Ricardo Santos, Celso M. Monjane
    Working Paper
    The education sector in Mozambique

  6. Obstacles to the Provision of Healthcare Services
    Paulo Ivo Garrido
    Working Paper
    Health, development, and institutional factors

  7. The Political Stakes of Decentralization
    Salvador Forquilha
    Working Paper
    Decentralization reforms in Mozambique

  8. The Saga of Limits of Public Financial Management
    António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, Finn Tarp, Mariam Umarji
    Working Paper
    The saga and limits of public financial management

  9. Rule of Law and Judicial Independence: The Restricted Capacity of the Judicial System
    João Carlos Trindade
    Working Paper
    Rule of law and judicial independence

  10. The Changing Dependence on Donor Countries
    Johnny Flentø, Leonardo Santos Simão
    Working Paper
    Donor relations and sovereignty

  11. The Uncertain Development Impact of the Extraction Sector
    Jose Jaime Macuane, Carlos Muianga
    Working Paper
    Natural resources, institutions, and economic transformation in Mozambique

  12. A Country at a Fork in the Road
    António S. Cruz, Ines A. Ferreira, Johnny Flentø, Finn Tarp