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Local media cover IGM Annual Conference 2022

‘The Government of Mozambique should urgently adopt policies to promote inclusive growth and reduce poverty in the country. The private sector has great potential in supporting these goals.’ These were the two messages echoed by the Mozambican media when covering the IGM Annual Conference 2022.

These were also the key messages of the opening speech of H.E. Haakon Gram-Johannessen, Ambassador of Norway, who was representing the donors of the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme in the event. ‘Due to various challenges and structural deficiencies, the current growth is not reflected in the reduction of poverty and in the improvement of the living conditions of the population,’ he said in his intervention. ‘However, the good news is that the private sector has great potential for change.’

The Ambassador however noted that the formal private sector in Mozambique remains weak and employment opportunities for young people continue limited. According to him, the IGM programme aims to respond to these types of challenges by increasing the analytical understanding of the essential factors for development and translating evidence into policy recommendations.

Another person quoted by various news outlets was Joel das Neves, Vice-Rector for Administration and Resources of the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM). Speaking at the opening of the event, the Vice-Rector mentioned the manufacturing sector as a potential engine for structural change and diversification of the economy. He further referred to the Mozambican Manufacturing Enterprise Survey (IIM 2022), carried out under IGM during 2022, and noted that the IGM programme contributes to informing relevant development policies by increasing the understanding of the challenges and developments of the sector.

The IGM Annual Conference 2022 was held in a hybrid mode on 8 November 2022 at Hotel Meliã in Maputo, Mozambique. Entitled ‘Private sector dynamics and well-being in Mozambique’, the event gathered a wide audience representing local and international academics, policymakers, development practitioners, the local private sector and civil society. The event was covered by TVM, STV, Jornal Notícias, O País and Jornal da Comunidade of the University Eduardo Mondlane.


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