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IGM researcher interviewed by Jornal Comunidade on the socioeconomic impact of coal mining

Jorge Mouco, Research Assistant and trainee with the 'Inclusive Growth in Mozambique' programme and co-author of the research 'The socio-economic impact of coal mining in Mozambique', was interviewed by the University of Eduardo Mondlane ‘Jornal da Comunidade’ on 23 of March 2021. During the interview, the researcher referred to the above-mentioned study, previously presented during the Seminar Series of the IGM programme on 18 February 2021.

According to Mouco, the study points out that, in line with the effects of gold mines in other countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, investments in coal mines in Mozambique have had a positive economic effect. The author further argued that, given such effects, one can say that large investments, such as in industrial mines, can have positive effects on the local economy – so-called ‘multiplication effects’.

On the other hand, the researcher stresses that investment and resettlement processes must be monitored with due care, so as to ensure that access to public services and markets is not limited or negatively affected by the mine installation process. The researcher therefore recommends greater vigilance and rigor on the part of the State in the inspection of resettlement processes as a way to ensure that companies comply with the respective law.

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Eduardo Mondlane University, Jornal da Comunicade nr 158, March 26, 2021 Study of the Faculty of Economics of UEM analyzes the socio-economic impact of coal mining in Mozambique (in Portuguese)