Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling-up research and capacity


Sam Jones at Jobs and Development Conference 2021

On 2 September, Sam Jones, UNU-WIDER Research Fellow, presents a recent WIDER Working Paper entitled ‘Informal freelancers in the time of COVID-19. Insights from a digital matching platform in Mozambique’, at the Jobs and Development Conference 2021.

The Jobs and Development Conferences is a global event co-organized by the World Bank, IZA (Institute of Labor Economics), UNU-WIDER, and the Network on Jobs and Development – a partnership of research institutes from various regions of the world. It strives to expand the frontiers of global knowledge around jobs, improve understanding of the interplay between development and quantity and quality of work, and advance the discussion on the most effective policies to improve jobs outcomes in low- and middle-income countries.

The 2021 conference is entitled ‘Better Jobs for Development 2021’ and takes place online on 1-3 September. The paper presented by Sam Jones, produced under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme, will contribute to the discussion by providing evidence on the informal sector playing a valuable shock-absorbing role and demonstrating that digital labour marketplaces can facilitate adjustments to economic shocks.