CEEG Seminar Series: Conflicts in Mozambique

A spatial analysis of the determinants between 2018 and 2021

On Wednesday 9 February 2022, Félix Mambo, independent consultant, will present a study in progress analyzing the determinants of conflict in Mozambique between 2018 and 2021.

The seminar is part of the CEEG Seminar Series, organized under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme. The seminars offer a forum to share and discuss ongoing research on topics related to the work of the IGM programme and to foster a culture of research at the faculty and at UEM in general.

About the study

During the last decade, Mozambique has experienced a growing occurrence of conflicts and disruptive events while at the same time recovering from the effects of the latest global crises and the national economic and financial crisis. Conflicts do not occur uniformly over the entire Mozambican territory, and there are possibly factors that make one region more prone to conflict than others. To explain these regional differences in the propensity to conflict in the country, the literature suggests the existence of a relationship between conflicts and the following factors: socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, price of goods, productivity, structural changes in the economy, incomes and the exploitation of natural resources.

This study analyzes the determinants of conflict in the different regions of Mozambique between 2018 and 2021, the period with the highest occurrence of conflicts in the last decade.