ProjectGood news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment About

Good news on poverty and well-being in Mozambique – Fourth National Poverty Assessment

Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling-up research and capacity

Policy brief
Poverty in Mozambique – significant progress but challenges remain

In 1990, Mozambique was one of the poorest countries in the world, with poverty estimated to reach 80% of the total population. At that stage, a Millennium Development Goal of reducing this proportion by half posed a very difficult target to meet. After the ‘war of destabilization...

Ricardo Santos and Vincenzo Salvucci
  • Event
    What is at stake?

    This conference will bring together government representatives, policy advisors, and development practitioners to discuss the latest results on, as well as methodologies to stu...

    27 November 2017, Maputo
  • Event

    This public forum, to be held in Portuguese on 28 November 2017, will focus on findings and policy lessons stemming from recent research on inequality in Mozambique, with the ultimate aim of prom...

    28 November 2017, Maputo
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    WIDER Development Conference

    WIDER Development Conference – to be held 5-6 July 2017 in Maputo, Mozambique – focuses on the lessons from modern public and development economics which can guide policy makers to re...

    5 July 2017 09:00 – 6 July 2017 18:00
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    Side event of the WIDER Development Conference, Public economics for development

    This seminar aims to present the 'Finnish development narrative' with a focus on the interlinkages between taxation, transparency of public financing, service delivery, and the evolving s...

    7 July 2017, Maputo 10:00
  • Policy brief

    Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon involving things other than consumption — such as access to and quality of health and education, housing, possession of durable goods, freedom, and...

    Ricardo Santos and Vincenzo Salvucci
  • Journal article

    This paper uses data from Mozambique to examine the effect of weather shocks on cropland decisions.

    César Salazar-Espinoza, Sam Jones, and Finn Tarp
  • Opinion

    There has been a serious deficit of good news in Mozambique for quite some time. The recent release of Mozambique’s Fourth Poverty Assessment, based on a large nationally representativ...

    Channing Arndt, Finn Tarp
  • Opinion

    Policy advisers, development practitioners, and government representatives gathered on 25 October to discuss Mozambique’s progress over the past three decades with the release of Mozambique...

    Vincenzo Salvucci, Ricardo Santos and James Stewart
  • Event

    This public forum held on 25 October 2016 focused on the most recent macroeconomic trends of the Mozambican economy and aimed to...

    25 October 2016, Maputo