Macroeconomic policy training

The Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme organizes a one-day course on macroeconomic policy on 2 November 2023.

The course is designed for economic policy analysts within government and academic institutions and aims at showing how the debt crisis has affected the development process in Sub-Saharan Africa. Participants will familiarize themselves with identifying economic analysis tools and understanding the trade-offs involved in macroeconomic policy. The following will be discussed in more detail: savings-investment gap, balance of payments, monetary balance, and how these can be identified in the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). Additionally, a presentation and review of the IMF's standard financial programming (FP) approach to economic stabilization, and the World Bank's growth programming model will be made.

The course is coordinated by the National Directorate of Economic and Development Policies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (DNPED-MEF) and given by Prof. Finn Tarp, Development Economics Research Group (DERG), University of Copenhagen (UCPH-DERG)