Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms 2022

Final report

This report documents the main findings of the Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms 2022 (IIM 2022).

The survey was implemented in 2022 under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme with the support from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The objective of the IIM 2022 survey was to trace the manufacturing companies interviewed in the previous survey rounds (IIM 2012 and IIM 2017) and examine how a sector that has been assigned a key role in promoting structural change and creating employment in Mozambique has developed over time. The results offer a unique overview of the development of the manufacturing sector during the last 10 years and provide invaluable insights into the dynamics of the private sector in Mozambique in general. The key message is that the Mozambican manufacturing sector is surviving but not thriving.

The IGM programme is a research and capacity development programme implemented in partnership between the National Directorate of Economic and Development Policies (DNPED) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Mozambique (MEF) and the Centre for Economic and Management Studies (CEEG) of the Faculty of Economics of the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), with technical support from the University of Copenhagen Development Economics Research Group (UCPH-DERG) and the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER).

Download the final report of the Survey of Mozambican Manufacturing Firms 2022