Key Mozambican databases available to researchers through CEEG portal

Various key national databases and statistical data have now been made available on the online portal of the Center for Economic and Management Studies (CEEG) of the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM). The objective of this online data repository is to promote and facilitate research among teachers, students and researchers at the Faculty of Economics (FACECO) of UEM.

The data available include macroeconomic indicators, demographic and social data gathered through censuses (RGPH-07, RGPH-17), data on household wellbeing captured in Household Budget Surveys (IAF-96/97, IAF-02/03, IOF-08/09, IOF-14/15), IOF-19/20), national- and provincial-level indicators on reproductive health, maternal and child health, nutrition and endemic diseases collected in the Demographic Health Surveys (DHS-97, DHS-09, DHS-11), as well as consumer price indices (2004–2020) and annual GDPs (Gross Domestic Product), both national and provincial.

The data are fully anonymized to keep with current confidentiality regulations. Full databases are available only in exceptional cases. Faculty members and students wishing to use the data for research purposes can request access from the Director of CEEG.

The CEEG portal has been developed with the support of the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme.