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UNU-WIDER’s event on macroeconomic scenarios of Mozambique makes the headlines

As part of the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique project, UNU-WIDER organized in Maputo an Open Forum where the most recent macroeconomic trends of the Mozambican economy were presented. The event was followed by panel discussion in which relevant actors of the macroeconomic policy and financial sectors of the country shared their perspectives.

The discussions were echoed by local media, which published articles highlighting the recommendations from the Mozambican IMF representative to restore confidence of foreign investors after the crisis sparked by the hidden debts.

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O País, 25 October 2016: ‘FMI reitera necessidade de uma auditoria externa forense à dívida pública’ (‘IMF reiterates the need of an external forensic audit to the public debt’).

Savana, 28 October 2016: ‘FMI não desarma: auditoria ou nada’  (‘IMF does not give up: audit or nothing’).